Chico Boxer Rescue

Saving Boxers since 1993

HELP US  - by Volunteering

Can you help us with any of these……

  • Help in getting our 501c.
  • Animal Care: Walking, grooming, spending time with, taking for outings to park or just riding along, etc.
  • Answering email inquiries
  • Home visits for screening
  • Transporting dogs
  • Soliciting funds by distributing flyers, posters, and donation jars to local establishments
  • Taking dogs to the vet
  • Picking up food and treats for rescues
  • Taking Boxers to meet and greets with potential adopters
  • Training rescues that need it

I am sure there are some jobs not mentioned here but this is a good list to start with. Please think about being put on our list and becoming a member in good standing with Chico Boxer Rescue. Any help is appreciated no matter how small. Many people doing little can accomplish much. Don't let the Boxer become a breed that is feared and undependable and not true to the standard for characteristics. Love of children and people in general, their antics that make them such lovable clowns and those wonderful big soulful eyes that go right to your heart, even when they have done their worst.

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