Yoshi was one of those poor Boxer babies that was destined to spend her life shuffling around from one home to another. The best thing that happened to her was when she went to Kristen and then when Kristen found her a home in Utah it was the perfect ending to a life that had started out so uncertain. Then when everything seemed perfect her time came to go to the bridge. Kathy her forever mom sent me this about Yoshi.
Yoshi was born on September of 1994. Yoshi was beautiful, she was kind and loving and very sweet. She had a beautiful way to communicate with us when she needed something by whining and walking back a few steps. She always knew when she was the topic of conversation. She would tilt her head side to side as if to say, I know what you are saying. Yoshi had a lot of personality and she will be very missed. When she passed away in my arms I wanted to go with her to make sure that when she got to Rainbow Bridge she would understand how much I loved her, and would be there for her again one day. I wanted to hold her and talk to her while she was herself again just to let her know, she came in and out of my life so fast but she filled it more than I could ever have dreamed. She was a very special dog, and when the day comes for me to go to the other side, I know I will have Beauty (my Boxer I lost when I was 14) and Yoshi with me forever, and this is what has helped me last another day with her memory instead of her. Yoshi, if you can hear us we all want to say thank you for coming into our lives and making our time together so much happier. Her memories will be with us forever. We love you Yoshi.

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