We lost another little girl today. Poor little Sassy, who had bravley fought cancer for 1 1/2 years, was sent to the Bridge to join all of the others. Her foster mom, Patricia, gave her more love and attention than she had in all the years of her life before she came to us. The special foods, bathes and anything else she could do to ease her pain from the sores that periodically broke out all over her. She would bounce around the office when she came to visit and you could see the adoration in her eyes for her foster mom. She had almost doubled her weight and the hairless body that I thought wuold never recover was covered with a shiny coat of fur and those gold eyes were full of mischief. Thank God the last months of her life were spent with a loving woman and she had the best care she could give her, but when the Lord wants them, He takes them. She is bouncing around in heaven, young again and whole with no pain, playing with all of the others waiting there for their human companions to join them. Thank you Patricia for making her last months full of love.

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