Sometimes no matter how hard we try the good Lord needs them more than us and so he takes them into his loving arms. Moses had been doing so well and it seemed as if he was going to beat the odds but it wasn't meant to be. He was sent to the bridge by his loving mom. Wrapped in a warm blanket in her arms with her love enveloping him. Too many health problems for his poor little body to handle. Such a short life to be filled with so much pain and suffering, thank God for Jennifer and the care and love she was able to give him in his last days. Heaven must be overrun with sweet babies whose lives were cut short because some person who was responsible for them in the beginning failed them and left it to another who had the heart to try to pick up the pieces and try to make them whole again. These same people have to make the hard decisions of letting them go with peace when the suffering is more than they should have to endure. Thank you Jennifer for caring enough and having the strength to do what was needed.

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