The story of Jax explains in many ways why I am taking a break from rescue for a while. I placed Jax in a home two years ago and I can only hope for most of that time he was well treated and loved. I received a phone call from Boxer lover in the part of the state where he was placed saying he was in need. The adoptive family had fallen on hard times and could not afford his care any more and he needed medical attention, unfortunately they hadn't seen fit to call me. I drove there that night and brought him back. At first the diagnosis was a mystery. After many tests it was found that he had lymphoma. I decided to make him as comfortable as possible until it was time to ease him of his pain. Three weeks later it was apparent it was time. I left my own dogs at my business and brought Jax home with me for his last night. I had prayed for help in making my decision. That night was the longest of my life. His labored breathing, inability to have normal bowl movements and general discomfort all told me it was time. I took him the next morning and cradled that big head of his in my arms crying the whole time while the doctor sent him to the bridge. This big lovable guy was only 6 years old. One day I will be seeing him again, healthy and whole again, playing at the bridge. I love you big boy.

Jax and I spent his last night together on the floor trying to make it through the night.

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