Anyone who knows Chico Boxer Rescue knows the story of Duke and his horrible life before he came to us. Chained, starved and abused he had no chance of a normal life. He came to us weighing only 39 pounds and could not walk. He had suffered unimaginable pain from an injury to his eye that had never been treated and we had to have it removed when he was well enough to endure the surgery. No one seemed to be interested in a one eyed dog that was obviously not full Boxer. He did have a wonderful heart for people although he never liked other dogs. After almost two years with us a women came forward and simply had to have him. We were all happy to know that he would finally have a home of his own. Sadly three months after adoption he was diagnosed with cancer. Even though he went through some chemotherapy he finally succumbed to the disease. I thank God every day that he did not have to die here without knowing the love of a family. He truly was a poster child for rescue and the work they do.

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