Rescue work is probably the most rewarding thing I have ever dont in my whole life. It can also be the most heartbreaking. When a rescue stares at me with a pleading look in their eyes, as if they were asking, "Why doesn't someone want me?". I wish at those times that they could understand my words, "It will happen and when it does, it will be wonderful". Then there are times when a baby goes to the bridge before their time. My heart breaks every time it happens and I wonder how often I can go through it. I Just recently found out that a rescue who I had fostered has gone to the Bridge before his time and I was devastated. What a wonderful boy Bully was (Yes they are all special, but some more than others). This boy came to me with Colitis and some strange looking lumps on his head. He had a wonderful tiny little cace that was all smushed in and kissable. He was never pushy, never demanding and only wanted to be loved. Even though he was here for quite a while, I hadn't worried because he seemed so happy and thankful just to be safe and loved. He played so well with other dogs and was such an obedient little boy. The time finally came though when a family wanted him for their own, so I had to let him go, knowing it was best for him. He was very happy in his new home and loved his new friend who lived there. He taught him to play and run and he even taught him a new game called 'destory the bed'. His favorite pastime was chasing a tennis ball and he never tired of it. I imagine that is what he is doing right now at the Bridge. Go with God my little Bully boy and wait for me at the Bridge.

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