I have met several Boxers over the years who stand out from the rest and that I can never forget. Bubba was one of those. He is the Boxer whose head appears on our logo and I truely loved that dog as much as anyone can love a best friend. His wonderful face and personality made him stand out above all of the others. When he came to me it only took a short time for me to decide that he was going to have a home with me, but my female decided it wasn't going to be. After attacking him twice, the second time quite viciously, I had to find him a home where he would be safe and loved. Because he was so special I took my time and waiting for just the right family, but as sometimes happens in rescue the first family I adopted to him failed him and me. Although they had Boxers all of their like they couldn't find the time for him that was needed. Two families failed him. They gave him to a woman they know slightly which was strictly forbidden in my contract. Since I do periodic checks on my rescue families I found out about this and demanded his return. Once again I was looking for a new home for him. Through this whole process his wonderful big Boxer heart tolerated the moved and never stopped being a loving and happy boy. When the right family did appear it was as if he had been with them all of his life in fact I was devastated the first time I saw him after adoption. He had no interest in me at all and was totally involved with his new people. What more could I ask!? A few weeks ago I got some news that broke my heart. Bubba had been killed when he was hit by a car. His family was having some landscaping done and one of the workers had left the gate open and out he went along with his Boxer buddy, Buster. He was lover and gave unconditional love and now he is at the bridge and his family misses him very much.

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