Bo Bo

Our unofficial mascot Beau was sent to the bridge after spending 4 years with us. Beau had been dumped in a night box at one of the Sacramento shelters. He was emaciated, full of fleas, his ears were thick and encrusted with flea dirt, and his front legs were bent and bloody. At first we thought it was just an temporary injury, but after consulting a specialist we found out his neck had been broken from a blow and he was crippled. It never stopped him from hopping around the orchard in good weather and enjoying the sunshine. He was a crusty guy who didn't like anyone but me and sometimes he looked at me with a little dislike. He was unable to pull himself up from the floor at the end and had begun soiling himself where he lay. I knew it was time but still had a hard time doing it. He fought it all the way and I know that one day when I see him at the bridge he will probably give me a good bite and then kiss my face and I look forward to it. I loved his little pointy ears and his funny moods and I look forward to seeing him running towards me whole and healthy. Forgive me for the bad times.

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