Beau was only with me for two days and he seemed to be a normal Boxer boy looking for a new home. He didn't have a chance. For the last two years he had been shuffled around, abused, starved, and used to make money by being breed and when he couldn't take it any more he started fighting back. In the people world that is a death sentence for a dog. It wasn't his fault and if there had been any other way for me to go then I would have done it. I had to send him to the bridge today after he tried to attack someone and I found out that he already had a history of biting. Those people who were responsible for his misery will surely pay the price one day, but for now he paid the ultimate price with his life, and after I stopped crying I got angry. Angry at the person who surrendered him to me and wasn't honest, and even angrier at the people who tortured him until he fought back. I guess first I have to forgive myself for not being able to fix everything for him. One day when I see him at the bridge I hope he can forgive me for making this decision. I didn't know him long but all he had ever shown me was love and I don't know what else I could have done.

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