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I receive calls almost every day about Boxers looking for homes. If you are looking for a boxer and want to keep one from going to a shelter please call me. I will take your information and try to match you with one of the Boxers I know about. Rescues are overwhelmed with Boxers from shelters that are in danger of being put to sleep. If owners can find a home for their dog before they have to take to a shelter it is a win-win situation. The shelters are crowded and many times dogs become ill while they are there and with funding for shelters stretched to the limit sick dogs are usually put to sleep, so they don't infect others. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. If I don't return a phone call, be persistent; at any given time I am working with at least ten dogs and their owners or others in shelters that are in danger of being euthanized. Leave messages I will call back and make sure you leave a number. I write them all down but it is better if you leave it again with a name. I appreciate all calls about adopting or surrendering, it shows you care!

Please….they would be forever grateful.

Chico Animal Hospital
3015 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95973
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