I have a boxer that needs to be rehomed. We kept him for someone that needed to rehome him hoping to find a home after he was not able to. It is coming to a time when we won't be able to keep him any longer. I was wondering if you know of anywhere that take owner surrenders? I would hate to see him go to a shelter! He is an amazing dog and so well behaved! Loves to be outside, run, and swim. He can even skateboard. He is definitely a velcro dog and never wants to leave my side. He gets a scared with a lot of people around which is why we won't be able to keep him much longer. I live with too many people.

Please let me know if you know of anyone that would take him or someone who would be willing to rehome or foster until he can be rehomed.

Please contact Tracy Hon for more information:
(530) 966-4823
(530) 345-7099

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