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Remi as a puppy; Remi dressed up; Remi playing with kids; Remington, Reno and Bubba

I bought my first boxer, Remington, from a backyard a breeder. I was ignorant about over breeding and bad breeders. Remington was a white girl and I had never seen one until I went to see this litter. After I got her I started doing research into the breed. I had been around dogs all of my life but had no affinity to any one breed. I fell in love with my Remi and it was the beginning of my obsession with the breed. She was my constant companion and a true example of the breed a regal clown who charmed everyone. She endured my dressing her in everything and taking her picture. She adored my grandchildren. She endeared herself to strangers with her manners and obedience. She would wait quietly outside the coffee shop tied to the doggie pole. She loved going on road trips and made friends everywhere. She wasn't quite a year old and I noticed a "free dog" in the pet column in our local paper. It was one of her siblings, another white girl who was living outside in an airline crate. I took her in and found a new home for her. That was how it all started.

Chico Boxer rescue has been saving Boxers since 1993. Although we are a small group, our extended family includes the many families who have adopted from us. We are dedicated to making sure that the Boxers who come through our organization get the best of care while with us and go on to a new home as quickly as possible. Our rescues come from all over California and we also take in owner surrenders. No animal is turned away if we have the room regardless of age, sex, or health. Boxers coming from shelters take precedence over owner surrenders in most cases since their time is limited, unless it is an emergency.

All rescues are vet checked and brought up to date on vaccinations. They are tested for heartworm and started on heartworm prevention and flea control. If needed they are spayed/neutered at that time. During their stay with us we evaluate them for temperament. This enables us to place each rescue in a home suited to their personalities. When available we place the rescue in a foster home. If they need any obedience training it starts there and they are more comfortable in a home environment rather than being caged in a kennel.

Anyone wishing to adopt is required to submit a completed adoption application. All applicants are screened and a home visit is done to assure us that the rescue is going to a safe home. If the applicant is accepted then they must sign a contract for the care of the dog. All dogs have an adoption fee which varies by age. There is a two week grace period in which the Boxer can be returned with a full refund if the match doesn’t work. The ultimate goal of course is to place the Boxer in a permanent home with no further changes but even with our screening process and careful assessment of potential homes it sometimes does not work out. We always take our rescues back and start the process all over again. Anyone applying can help us by doing a thorough search of available information about the breed and realizing that a Boxer in some cases is not the dog for them.

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